Make friends along the way...

Found someone interesting you would like to stay in touch with?
You can add each other to favorites' list by mutual consent. Favorites can ping each other directly. You still stay anonymous.

No unwanted messages...

You can choose to respond to chat invites, even if they are from your favorites. No one can chat with you directly.

Too many chat invites?
You can fine-tune how many notifications you would like to get, and when.

Ragchewing is a safe and fun way of tapping into the human knowledge

You can anonymously and safely ask any question and get information from fellow ragchewers.

Traveling to a new location?
Why don't you try Ragchewing with someone from that location to get much more personalized and localized information in the real time instead of wasting hours on the web and still find all the same touristy information that everyone else is also using!